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Technology for
Health & Wellness

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The possibilities are endless

TribeApp is all about making use of power of technology to deliver holistic health & wellness solutions & services.  Technology can be double-edge sword, thus choosing the right technology is the key and here in TribeApp, we adopt technology that is innovative, scalable, simple to understand and to use, doesn't break your piggy banks and most importantly secure and reliable!

Industrial Experience

With more than 20 years of industry experiences, we have a perfect team that will turn your Health & Wellness IoT  ideas and concepts into  commercializeable products and solutions!

Secure, Reliable & Scalable

TribeApp inspired to provide secure, holistic and cost-effective solutions to businesses enabling quick and effective go-to-market and monetization of Health & Wellness Services from IoT devices to mobile apps to web services to cloud backend


Our TribeThink is an IoT enablement platform that provides all you need to bootstrap your own Health & Wellness cloud platform from the tools and application codes to technical know-how and supports that you need to build, run and manage Health & Wellness services on your own cloud platform.

Enterprise Support

Need help to get started? Guidance to build your enterprise solution? We have an experienced team to provide all the technical know-hows for our Enterpise customers. We can look into even more possibilities of providing health & wellness development services.

Why TribeApp

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