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About Blissfull Life

Blissfull Life is all about making use of power of technology to enable independence and promote inclusiveness of our seniors especially when they are living by themselves. Blissfull Life is a non-intrusive activity-based sensing system that monitor various movement of elder folks at home through motion sensors placed in different parts of the house. 


Get Ready Before
An Emergency Strikes

Just at the push of panic button, your loved ones can send distress signals and receive round-the-clock emergency help, keeping them a cool head during emergencies.

Double The Care With Inactivity Detection

Smart alerting rules will trigger alerts when senior doesn’t move for a too long period of time, spend too much time in the toilet and so on.


Get Informative Analytics & Insights

Sensors learn and keep track of your loved ones' daily routine, provide valuable insights and help to take action before a problem escalates.

For Your Peace of Mind, Anywhere, Anytime

Activate Panic Alert

Senior activate panic button in one touch during emergency situation.

Get Notified Instantly

Family or caregivers will receive alert notification instantly.

Respond Swiftly

Instant response to medical attention from professionally trained responders.

Key Benefits With Our Service

Full Privacy

No camera and can be safely used in bathrooms and bedrooms without a breach in privacy.


With 24 hours full day monitoring, you can rest assured that your loved ones can live in a secure environment.

Call Line Support

Optional 24/7 helpline and assistance, no matter when you need our services, we’re right here at your beckon call.


We're Here With You, No Matter Who You Are

Senior living alone

Surgery patient

People with disabilities

Want to make your home safer for your loved ones?

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